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Empowering You to Navigate the Digital Future

Steer your career and organization into the future with the online Leading Digital Transformation Certificate program from the prestigious Emory University Goizueta Business School. 

Designed for mid-career professionals, senior managers, and seasoned leaders, this 100% online certificate equips you with the skills to master strategic, technological, and leadership challenges in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.


Number of Courses

Completed over 12 months

12 weeks

Course Duration

6 learner hours per week


certificate Investment

Extra courses available at pro-rated fee

Program Details

The Leading Digital Transformation Certificate provides a comprehensive exploration of the strategic, technological, and leadership dimensions critical for driving digital innovation and change. Participants will learn to harness digital technologies to build resilient, agile business strategies that anticipate and lead market trends.

  • Duration: 12 weeks, 100% online
  • Course Schedule: Three courses lasting 4 weeks each, 6 learner hours per week with assignments, and 1 webinar. Participants must complete all requirements within a 12-month period.
  • Certificate Structure: Comprehensive curriculum with a blend of required courses and electives
  • Required Courses: Digital Disruption and Transformation, Technology and Strategy
  • Electives: Choose between Data Visualization or Applications of AI in Business to tailor your learning experience to your career needs
  • Start Date: October 1, 2024
  • Frequency:  Spring, summer, and fall sessions

Learning Objectives

Participants of the Leading Digital Transformation program can expect to:

  • Navigate and understand the complexities of digital disruption in various industries
  • Develop actionable strategies for leading digital transformation within your organization
  • Align business strategies seamlessly with emerging digital technologies
  • Enhance your leadership capabilities in a digitized business world
  • Gain a competitive edge by understanding applications of AI and/or data visualization in business

Program Benefits

  • Propel your career possibilities forward by mastering the dynamics of digital transformation
  • Learn from the industry-leading faculty of the renowned Emory Goizueta Business School
  • Access your coursework when it is most convenient for your schedule with the online learning environment designed for working professionals
  • Log in to your class anywhere with an internet connection from a computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Build connections and increase your networking opportunities with peers and industry experts across the globe
  • Emory alumni and employees are eligible for a 10% fee reduction 
  • Corporate and group enrollment opportunities are available. Group enrollments are priced according to the size of the cohort 


Earning your Leading Digital Transformation Certificate from Goizueta Business School signifies your commitment to advancing your career potential and becoming more adaptive to the changing business environment. Participants who complete the program will earn a digital Emory Executive Education badge to showcase their credentials and valuable skills learned. This digital Emory Executive Education badge is your key to highlighting your new skills and achievements in the digital domain, making you stand out in the competitive job market.

Course Overview

Digital Disruption And Transformation

Faculty: Anandhi Bharadwaj, PhD

image of digital butterfly representing digital transformation

This course prepares you with the essential tools, frameworks, and understanding needed to lead organizations through the complex terrain of digital transition.

Week 1 – Delving into Digital Disruption, offering a detailed exploration of how cutting-edge technologies challenge established business practices.

Week 2 – The Influence of Digital in Remodeling Industries, where you will examine how digital technology reshapes different sectors of the economy.

Week 3 – Navigating the Digital Transformation Path, providing a thorough roadmap for effectively managing an organization’s digital overhaul.

Week 4 – Cultivating a Digital Leadership Approach, emphasizing the leadership qualities necessary to promote a digitally innovative organizational culture.

Participants who complete the course can expect to:

  • Understand the core concepts of digital disruption and how it impacts businesses
  • Learn about the strategies to leverage digital transformation for competitive advantage
  • Discover the role of innovation in overcoming disruption challenges
  • Explore successful case studies of digital transformation across different sectors
  • Equip yourself with the tools to become a change agent in your organization

Technology and Strategy

Faculty: Benn R. Konsynski, PhD

abstract image of circuits and digital lines representing technology strategy

As innovations in technology progress, new capabilities and solutions unfold transforming the marketplace and society at large. This course focuses on the fundamental principles underlying various technological evolutions and how their interplay enhances the potential and opportunities for markets, businesses, and individuals. The curriculum is organized into four main modules:

Week 1 – Technology Evolution and Strategic Implications

Week 2 – Platforms and Services

Week 3 – 21st Century Digital Enterprise

Week 4 – Shaping The Digital You

Participants who complete the course can expect to:

  • Explore the intersection of technology and business strategy for digital age success
  • Analyze the strategic implications of adopting new technologies
  • Learn to guide your organization through technological changes and innovations
  • Understand the framework for aligning IT capabilities with business objectives
  • Prepare to lead strategic decision-making processes in technology management

Design Thinking Webinar (Week 3)

Adjunct Faculty: Scott Sanchez

colleagues having a meeting with data sheets

The Design Thinking Webinar will help you understand how design thinking principles can help you push past old ways of thinking and operating. Learn how the power of empathy, prototyping, ideation, and AI can help you grow your business or organization. You will hear a story of how design thinking works, interactive exercises to practice elements of it, and take away some small experiments you can try in your own work.


Faculty: Jesse Bockstedt, PhD

abstract image of data being visualized in a 3D graph

This course guides you through the fundamentals of data visualization, emphasizing the art of presenting insights in a clear and impactful manner. You will engage in practical activities to master the use of premier visualization tools, craft strategies grounded in data, and leverage informed choices to propel business achievements. The curriculum is organized into four main modules:

Week 1 – Principles of Effective Data Visualization

Week 2 – Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization

Week 3 – Communicating Insights with Data Visualization and Data Storytelling

Week 4 – Tools and Technologies of Data Visualization

Participants who complete the course can expect to:

  • Master the art of presenting complex data in an accessible and engaging manner
  • Learn to utilize data visualization tools for strategic decision-making
  • Explore the techniques to transform data into compelling visual stories
  • Enhance your analytical capabilities to gain insights from data
  • Understand best practices in data visualization for business applications


Faculty: David Schweidel, PhD

image showing digital data flowing to represent AI and Large Language Models

This course introduces you to the vast potential that artificial intelligence brings to the table. By covering a wide spectrum of AI applications, you’ll explore how enterprises can harness AI for cost reduction and enhanced efficiency. Practical examples and case studies will focus on sectors like advertising and marketing. The curriculum is organized into modules covering topics including:

Automated Decision Making 

Opportunities with Generative AI 

Ethics and Bias in Leveraging AI

Participants who complete the course can expect to:

  • Delve into the world of AI and its potential for business transformation
  • Understand practical applications of AI in real-world business scenarios
  • Learn about the strategic management of AI projects for maximum impact
  • Explore AI’s role in enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency
  • Gain insights into the ethical considerations and challenges surrounding AI in business

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